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Lee's Summit Daycare Education Program

Little Learner has adopted the Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum (ELLC) as the foundation for our preschool program. Recommended by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, ELLC provides developmentally appropriate language practices for preschool children. Through ELLC, we will prepare our preschoolers for success in kindergarten and give them a strong foundation in oral language and literacy with this scientifically based curriculum.

ELLC is an exciting program that allows Little Learner to far exceed the competition in not only offering a safe, nurturing, caring environment for your child but an outstanding early childhood education as well. Learn more about the basic structure of the ELLC program and how it is implemented in the classroom environment.

Enrichment Activities

EnrichmentLittle Learner offers a wide variety of enrichment activities and programs in addition to our standard preschool curriculum.

Two of our newest enrichment programs are Toddler Sign Language and Introduction to Spanish.

We have incorporated these concepts into our daily classroom curriculum to broaden your child’s preschool experience.

Introduction to Spanish

kidsThere is no better time to begin introducing a second language than when you are young.

By teaching a second language, children are shown the importance of other cultures and languages in our ever changing global world.

The Spanish language is quickly becoming a common second language in the United States. It is possible for one to come in contact with Spanish on a daily basis in day to day living. Studies show that students in colleges and universities are learning Spanish over other languages. Spanish is a great second language to learn and can improve knowledge in our own language as well.

We begin teaching basic Spanish vocabulary in our 2’s room and slowly incorporate more words, phrases and cultural themes as our students move into our older preschool classrooms. Our students will engage in fun activities, games and songs to further incorporate the Spanish culture and language into daily learning.

Baby Sign-Language

sign-languageAmerican sign language is the 3rd most used language in the United States. It is becoming a common practice to use sign language with our babies and toddlers. When a baby learns to use signs, not only does it aid in his speech development but also provides him with a wonderful tool in early communication.

There are many benefits in using sign language with babies and toddlers. Babies can immediately communicate their needs which lessens frustration and crying. Many studies show that most babies who sign, learn to speak earlier than those who do not learn to sign.

We are very excited to begin implementing this new program. Our toddler room teachers have already begun using signs throughout daily routines in addition to our basic language development activities.


Little Learner acts as a host for fun, enrichment programs offered by respected businesses in our community.

These classes are specialized for preschool age children and they focus on offering diverse learning opportunities.

The following programs are held at Little Learner on a bi-monthly basis. Each program has its own fee schedule and payments are made directly to the program administrator.

We hope our parents will appreciate the opportunity to enroll their child in recreational activities without having to find time in your already busy schedules for one more commitment.


Compuchild offers classes to children ages 3 to 6 years old.

Compuchild Compuchild

With professionally developed lesson plans and teaching methods, Compuchild prepares your child for the academic challenges of tomorrow.

This program focuses on fun-filled technology education. Parents and educators are truly amazed at how much children love the Compuchild classes and how much information they learn!

Miss Jennifer, the Compuchild instructor, conducts 30 minute classes with small groups of students twice a month at Little Learner.

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This 8-week course includes 10 fundamental skills that your child is currently developing. These skills better prepare your child to enter elemtary school.

Our instructors are experienced educators in childhood development. They cater to your child's needs by targeting their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social stages of development.

Cost is $120 (uniform is included).

At the conclusion of the 8 weeks we will have a graduation ceremony to present your child with an award for completing the program.